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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Latest Iphone 5 Features In 2012

Iphone 5 features: • The new iPhone 5 is expected to have Face Recognition Security so that you don’t have to worry about other people stealing your phone and trying to use it. That is, unless they steal your face too. • iPhone 4 support 3G network whereas iPhone 5 is expected to support 4G-LTE network as well. • Much nicer overall body design of the phone. It’s going to be even thinner and have a shiny black piece. • Shatter Resistant and Scratch Resistant Screen. • iPhone 5 is expected to have more storage or memory, simply above 32 GB. • Longer Battery Life – Up to 14 Hours of Talk Time On The 3G and 7 Hours on the 4G. • HD Audio – The quality of sound is going to be extra crisp.
• Built In GPS – You’ll never get lost or have to download one of those stupid GPS apps. • iphone 5 will come with iOS 5 with higher performance and speed with new processor and with necessary security features.

Watch on youtube video iPhone 5: