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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Sony Smartwatch

Sony Smart Watch
The Sony SmartWatch isn’t much more than what I described above. It’s an Android 3.0-powered smart watch available in either black or white band and face, that tethers via Bluetooth 2.0.Playing host to a 1.3-inch OLED display the Sony SmartWatch hooks up to handsets such as the Sony Xperia S allowing users to stream audio stored on their pocket powerhouse turning the timepiece into a personal media player. One feature that the watch has, allows users to wirelesly control music on their phone. Users have the capability to change songs and adjust the volume of the music on their phones. The watch is also equipped to handle up to 30 apps transferred from the phone. By this Sony’s gadget you would be able to read incoming texts, email messages and tweets, and will have music and camera controls of your phone which are particularly useful.Its compatibility is best with Sony-built phones.
Sony Smart Watch02

Sony Smartwatch Features And Specification :

  • Display : 1.3 inch OLED display(9 Distinct Touch Areas),128 x 128 pixels Resolution
  • Operating system : Powerd by Android OS.
  • connectivity : Bluetooth v3.0,USB.
  • Music Player Control.
  • Check Facebook and Twitter updates.
  • Read and write text,SMS,email.
  • Calendar reminders on display.
  • Vibration or Screen alert.
  • Call handling Function.
  • Battery: four day battery backup.
  • Resistance : Dust and Splash Proof.
Sony Smart Watch02.

Setup :

  • Before using the Sony SmartWatch, we first downloaded the LiveWare manager app from Google Play (according to Sony, this app will be preloaded on all Sony Ericsson phones).
  • Then, we paired the SmartWatch with our Nexus S 4G. Unlike the WIMM One watch, the Sony SmartWatch lacks Wi-Fi, so it must be paired with a phone to receive apps and updates.
  • The LiveWare app is used to install apps onto the SmartWatch itself. While these apps can be found in the Android Market, and include Twitter and Facebook, they're essentially extensions optimized for the SmartWatch, and are different from the standard Android apps of the same name.
Sony SmartWatch.. Source:Epgallery

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