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Thursday, 2 August 2012

HP ENVY 17 3d Review and Specification

3D movies just don’t seem to be going away. Maybe it's having to sit in cramped cinema seats, maybe it's being forced to wear recycled glasses, or maybe you're just sick of suffering through annoying image ghosting and the accompanying headaches that come from sitting at the sides of the cinema (ever notice that the one perfectly positioned seat, right in the middle of the theater is always reserved, no matter how early you try to book?). The solution? How about your own full HD, Blu-ray equipped, personal 3D movie watching machine. Perhaps something like this for
example: Welcome to a review of the biggest fattest HP 3D desktop replacement notebook you’ll ever come across. Not that it’s the biggest that’ll ever be made, but when you’ve got this thing sitting on your desk, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without such an abundance of screen real-estate on what the world, up until recently, was calling a laptop computer. This is the HP ENVY 17 3D, and not only does it have full 3D capabilities and a width bigger than your humble narrator’s torso, it’s got a screen so bright it makes the real world seem yellow.


The HP ENVY 17 3D is developed as a substitute of desktop computers. It offers a bigger than standard screen for a notebook with a spacious keyboard and touchpad. It features 3D movie and gaming capabilities. The laptop is developed with robustness. Brushed aluminum and carbon gives stability but increases its weight. The laptop is 1.52 inches by 16.4 inches by 10.8 inches in dimension and weighs a bulky 7.37 pounds. As it is bit weighty, it is not ideal for portability. But the gamers will welcome this change as they will be able to carry the machine with them though it is bit laborious.


The monitor provides good potential for professional designers and photographers. Gaming and multimedia users will be satisfied with this display. 1920 x 1080 Display resolution is also called, Full-HD. It provides for great multitasking and as well easy and enjoyable office work. The vast screen estate allows for two websites to be viewed side by side. Different tasks such as graphic design, high resolution picture and video editing can be carried out by professional picture and movie editors smoothly and with no annoyances. he color spectrum covered by the display is acceptable. Both color saturation and natural appearance of the pictures are good enough for viewing HD movies and gaming.This computer features a good contrast between black and white. Dark letters are very easy to distinguish from the bright background, fulfilling the needs of office workers. Mobile users will be content, as this contrast improves outdoor readability. In situations of medium indoor ambient light, the display can sufficiently. Two individuals can sit next to one another comfortably, and still view the screen with hardly any image deviation. Colours might start to change if you move far to the sides of the display, so viewing the screen with a group of people will not guarantee a clear picture for everyone. fulfill its function. This laptop is thus acceptable for office work, and can serve as well as a family/home computer.

Keyboard and Touchpad

If your daily life relies heavily on typing, then this keyboard has been manufactured for you. Whether you are an academician, a journalist, or an office worker, you will find this keyboard providing for both comfort and speed. Gamers will be as well satisfied even after long hours of use.he size of this keyboard allows for a good typing experience, as the keys are large enough to reduce typos. The palm rest is as well a quality of this keyboard, deep enough for easy and comfortable usage. The levels of accuracy, the size and the smoothness vs. resistance rates make this touchpad fairly above average. It is well suited for office work, browsing online and most other usage, although demanding users, designers and alike, might require a higher level of accuracy and would thus prefer an external mouse. The trackpad button quality was generally described as good and fitting the needs of most users.


The ENVY 173d features is a large 17.3-inch display screen with beautiful 1920 x 1080 HD screen resolution. The large display screen is excellent for enjoying entertainment, and the sharp, crisp display makes working with images, videos and other multimedia a breeze. We certainly found using it very enjoyable.Envy 173d is quite fortunate to have a very good performance laptop. With the 1.6-MHz Intel Core i7-2670QM its CPU with 8GB of RAM, the Envy 173d has more than enough horses under the hood to play high-def video, enjoy the latest games, and run the software productivity without breaking a sweat.


The HP ENVY 17 3D runs Windows 7 Home Premium which of course includes an unacceptably vast amount of per-installed applications which we’ll more than likely never use including, but not limited to:, Adobe Photoshop Elements 8.0, Adobe Premiere Elements 8.0, Adobe Reader 9 Desktop Gadget Gallery, Hulu Desktop, Internet Explorer (64-bit), Internet Explorer (yes, two separate applications,) Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft Security Essentials, Star-dock My-colors, Windows Anytime Upgrade, and more. We of course immediately downloaded Google Chrome to use for internet, with Firefox as a backup – both of which work just excellently.


HP ENVY 17 3d Specification :

  • Size : 17.3 inches
  • Resolution : 1920 x 1080
  • Type : Glossy LCD with LED Backlight
  • Class : Intel Core i7 with Turbo Boost Technology
  • Model : 720QM
  • Speed : 1.6 MHz
  • Number of Cores : 4
  • Cache size : 6 MB
  • Graphics Type : Discrete
  • Discreet Graphics Chipset : ATI Radeon
  • Discreet Graphics Chipset Model Number : HD 5850
  • Graphics Memory : 1024 MB and DirectX 11 support for best 3D game performance
  • Installed memory : 8 GB
  • Memory technology : DDR3
  • Memory Speed : 1333 MHz
  • Hard Drive Type : Hard Disk Drive
  • Total HD Size : 640 GB
  • Hard Drive Speed : 7200 RPM
  • Number of hard drives included : 1
  • Other Storage : Memory Stick,SD/MMC Card, SDHC Card. xD-Picture Card
  • Ethernet Type : 10/100/1000 MbpsWifi Type : 802.11 n
Interface Connections
  • Number of USB 3 Ports : 1 Number of USB 2 Ports ; 3
  • Video Interfaces : HDMI Mini DisplayPort VGA
  • Additional Interfaces : Bluetooth eSATA
Size and Weight
  • Weight (min) : 7.3 pounds
  • Weight (with accessories) : 9 lbs
  • Width : 16.4 inches
  • Depth : 10.9 inches
  • Height : 1.6 inches
  • Operating system : Microsoft Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
  • Included Software : Adobe Photoshop Elements 8.0 and Premiere Elements 8.0; CyberLink DVD Suite; Roxio CinemaNow
Other Features
  • Built-In Speakers : Stereo Docking Station Port : No
  • Devices : Built-In Microphone Built-In Webcam
  • Energy Star compliant : No
  • Input devices : Keyboard (backlit) Touchpad

Battery life

Keep your power cord handy. This machine lasts right around 2 hours without it, and that’s only playing movies. If you plan on bringing this gigantic honker to a friends house to play some games or watch some 3D / HD action movies, bring the cord, just to be safe. Two hours isn’t long, but I really REALLY don’t think HP meant to sell this machine with battery life as a point of sale. It’s a desktop replacement after all, and how many desktops do you know that sit around without the power cord plugged? complicated



The HP ENVY 17 is an outstanding and powerful laptop computer. This computing device offers a large feature set and powerful performance tools that can handle all of the extras this computer provides. The large and hefty size is a bit of a drawback with this computer, but it is durable, well built and solid. The display screen on this laptop is stunning, and there is plenty of RAM, hard drive space and battery life to handle all of your computing needs. With so much included on this computing device, it is no wonder that it is one of the best laptop computers available.

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