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Friday, 10 August 2012

Sony Rolly Music Player Review

Sony practically invented the portable music player with its Walkman, and has form for making innovative robotic toys with its brilliant-but-now-discontinued AIBO pups. The Rolly blends elements of both in a fun-sized, rugby-ball shaped package.


Make your music desire

It's time to dance to a different rhythm. The Sony Rolly Sound Entertainment Player lets you experience your on an amazing new level. It flues sound and motion, spinning and twisting to the beat, with multicolored lights flashing in time.Sony Rolly has two bands of LED lights that can emit up to 700 different in time with the beat. Bluetooth technology means you can even set up Rolly to move to music from other devices, just like as your phone or PC. Take Rolly anywhere and watch it steal the show with its own music and funky dance routiness. It spines, rotates and flips its arms to the beat thanks to high-tech sensors and super responsive motors. You can operate Rolly by twisting and turning it in your hands. It's a whole new way to interact with your fevourite music.
Rolly, the new innovation from the wizards at Sony is an MP3 player with a twist, literally. In this case “twist” is a verb. Yep, that’s right folks, because Rolly doesn’t have a twist, he can actually do the twist…or the tango, or rock and roll, or maybe you would prefer him to boogie. That’s because Rolly isn’t just an MP3 player, he’s an all dancing, all flashing robot as well.